Undocuchallenges Art Show

I recently read about an art competition and show for the “UndocuChallenged”, and thought it illustrated how twisted and politically correct some would like art to become.

Now, I am sure many of you may not be familiar with this term so I thought a definition might be in order:

Noun 1.​The varied challenges experienced when one is undocumented: identity loss, family separation, employment exploitation, stereotypes, lack of driver license, in-­state tuition eligibility, health care ineligibility, language barriers and political oppression, etc.

According to the show organizer “there has been much negativity directed towards the undocumented community and we feel it is very important to address these issues. Through art, artists will be able to portray the harsh reality of undocu­challenges while highlighting the community’s support.”

What a load of crap.

It seems art competitions today need to have someone’s idea of a politically correct back-story to be relevant. No wonder art openings are so irrelevant to most people.

And what do these type of contests do for aspiring artists?

Doesn’t this type of show teach that what is really important is the social cause and NOT the artwork? Doesn’t it just further reinforce the “I am special because I am a victim” mentality? I do feel for the young artist’s in the schools who are not really being taught the history of art and the techniques and skills needed to be an artist. Whose work is judged not on the quality of the work but how it fits into the social or political narrative being pushed by the organizers of the show.

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