Don't Go to Art School!

As a product of the university system of the United States, I can attest to the mind-numbing and soul-sucking effect that it had on my creative spirit and artistic output. As early as 1816 Gericault wrote about this and I have written some of his comments in this post.

The Explosive Bowling Ball

One summer night in July of 1968, I got it in my head to try another “fun” stunt with an M-80 and a bowling ball.

Earlier in the week I had hauled all of the plastic models of ships, planes, and tanks that I had made as a “kid” and set them up in the creek behind my girlfriend’s house. We set up my plastic army men as if they were storming Omaha beach. Jamie, Lamont and I lobbed M-80’s at them causing destruction and sending plumes of water into the air from the creek. The young neighborhood boys spent days salvaging the pieces down at the creek. For the unwashed in the technical side of M-80’s, they had waterproof fuses, and when you taped rocks to them they sunk and exploded underwater. I am sure someone MIGHT have tried this at Fremont Lakes speeding up the process and boredom of traditional fishing, but I could not imagine who would do such a thing.

How Many Will Fit in the Trunk?

Lined up at the entrance to the Skyview Drive-In

Skyview Drive-in or
How Many Will Fit in the Trunk?

Fall of 1967. When someone in our group suggested we all go to the drive-in to see “Cool Hand Luke” it was nothing out of the ordinary as we had been to a drive-in as a group before. However, this time there was a new twist - we would see how many of us could fit into Jamie’s 1955 Chevy’s trunk and sneak in without paying.