I was taught by Lesbians

In high school my girlfriend worked for her mom at the Walden Bookstore at the Westroads Mall. I would often come and visit Pat about an hour before closing to see her and use the bookstore as a library of sorts, concentrating on the art books when the doors were locked and she was closing.  I learned a lot, boy did I learn a lot.

Sending a Bust Developer to My Girlfriend

1970. One day in my dorm room I was carefully studying the contents of a gentlemen’s magazine when an ad for the “Mark Eden Bust Developer” caught my eye. While my girlfriend Pat was more than a handful I’ll admit that popular culture had brain-washed me into thinking bigger was always better, and $10 was a small price to pay for a gift that promised to keep on giving. When I came to the “Ship To” box on the order form I had to stop and think. These were the days when it took 4-6 weeks for a product to arrive. Since I was planning on moving off-campus, I wrote in Pat's home address. She lived with her parents. Evidently this was not a smart move on my part.

My Awakening

I began skirting the wall of the kingdom of heaven when I was 11 years old, although I was only dimly aware that I had even come to a wall. Having lived a carefree life with few challenges, a wall was something I knew little of.

Falling in Love

This story is a continuation of Never Let Anyone Pass a Note to a Girl For You! I forked over two one dollar bills for the tickets to the play in advance, just to make sure the play would not be sold out. The day before our date I got to work detailing the chariot that would whisk us away to the ball and a whirlwind romance.

Never Let Anyone Pass a Note to a Girl For You!

This is a true story of lust and lies and proves the point that all is fair in love and war. And if you find yourself in love, never let anyone pass a note to a girl for you!

Undocuchallenges Art Show

I recently discovered an art competition and show for the "UndocuChallenged", and thought it illustrated how twisted and "politically correct" some would like art to become.