How Many Will Fit in the Trunk?

Lined up at the entrance to the Skyview Drive-In

Skyview Drive-in or
How Many Will Fit in the Trunk?

Fall of 1967. When someone in our group suggested we all go to the drive-in to see “Cool Hand Luke” it was nothing out of the ordinary as we had been to a drive-in as a group before. However, this time there was a new twist - we would see how many of us could fit into Jamie’s 1955 Chevy’s trunk and sneak in without paying.
Jamie and I sat in the front seat while Lance, Lamont, and Jim jumped into the trunk and off we went to the Skyview Drive-in on 72nd street. It was crowded as we drove up the hill that led to the ticket booth. As we got closer to the booth to pay, Lance, ever the joker began to pound on the back-seat and make funny noises. Jamie and I tried to quiet them as we shuddered to think what would happen to us if we were caught. When they kept it up Jamie in his normal fashion uttered his classic and to the point “dam-it!” We finally turned up the radio to drown out the noise from the back, although I think the young lady that took our money knew. Come to think of it - I know she knew!

As soon as we found the spot where we wanted to view the movie we parked and the trunk popped open and the captives were set free. The people around us saw the liberation of course, but no one ratted us out. We watched the movie and when the intermission came we had another great idea. We were going to buy as much food at the concession stand as we could and then see if we could eat it all. We bought the large pickles, hot dogs, candy, frosty malts, and all manner of healthy food for growing bodies. Back in the car there was a competition of sorts to see who could eat the most. I don’t remember who won the contest, but I imagine we all had tummy aches.

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